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Your Government Hates You, They Hope That YOU DIE. Unpacking the CPI

Food, Housing, Gasoline

Look at the doubling of prices in the three areas that matter most. When something doubles in price it rises 100% but mainstream media keeps reading a monitor or script calling out numbers like 7%.

Why do they do something so deceptive? Because they are whores. They are paid to "give their bosses pleasure."

Today I'm writing about basic shit. ABCs.

Food for your belly.

Roof o'er your skull.

Gas in your car.

Food staples like wheat, soybeans, corn, all food stuff have all doubled and are heading much higher due to currency debasement, supply shortages and supply bottlenecks. Moreover, fertilizer is energy intensive and developed in Russia. US in the policy blunder of the past 2 centuries, sanctioned Russia when Russia had all the leverage (suppliers of oil, gas, coal, nickel, wheat, aluminum and fertilizer. )

In war you are supposed to inflict pain on the enemy. But pushing up unit prices in all the sectors Russia champions, gives Russia record breaking sales while crushing US, Europe and the other unfriendlies.

#1, FOOD HAS DOUBLED IN ONE YEAR - Fertilizer has also doubled.

Soybean and Wheat Charts

When the Fed Funds rate went from .5% to 1.25% mortgage lending rates

went from 2.65% to now close to 6%. Meanwhile all the free money was

sloshing around creating a housing bubble. Look below how this drastically

impacted the average monthly payment on a home one year over year in

the USA

#2, Housing costs have doubled in one year.


Food, monthly mortgage payments (housing) and gasoline have all doubled in the past two years.

I have to repeat that line because no one in our domestic media discusses it this way. I'm guessing they fear for their jobs if they report on the pornography we call the economy.

Food, monthly mortgage payments (housing) and gasoline have all doubled in the past two years. This is horrifying and will kill millions of people.

This is called a famine. Yet Governments around the world advance some deceiving statistic called the consumer price index. or CP Lie.



Bonus Video: How Real estate investment funds are snatching up most of the private family homes so they can rent them out. This is called Feudalism, a landlord / tenant society.

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