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Reddit "Ragtaggers" Attack the Ruling Class & Apes are Winning the War!

CONSUMER NEWS FEATURE Wall Street Silver, the movement's origin, objectives and background on WSS founder Ivan Bayoukhi.

Next Raid Scheduled : January 29 2022 observing Wall Street Silver's One Year Anniversary. WSS Thesis

Silver is real money. A history tested store of value plus industrial uses in solar panels, electric vehicles, computers, mobile phones, hospital equipment, aerospace and considered the greatest conductor of electricity. Paper money over time has been debased by The Fed and banks that are printing more. When money supply goes up each paper unit goes down in value. Thus the WSS movement preaches to convert paper money for silver.

typical WSS post motivating reddit community to trade in their paper money for physical silver.

Retail vs Institutional.

Right now retail investors hold most of the silver above the ground.

But there is more great news for silver in the not so distant future. Rick Rule points out that the real silver squeeze will occur soon. Rick discusses how the real bull market doesn't start until institutional money such as pension funds & sovereign wealth funds add Silver to their portfolios.

Currently these institutional funds do not have any silver in their portfolios. So if the move is from almost zero holdings to the historical mean of 3%, then this would represent a 30x uptick.

Rick is talking about institutional funds like the Central Bank of Norway, Norges, (The Bank of Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund) The Kingdom holdings for Saudi Arabia, The Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Stanford Management Company (The Stanford University pension fund) as well as the largest insurance companies in the world. There isn't enough silver in the world at current levels and as we see more volatility in the equity markets there will be a stampeding herd of people rotating out of the inflated Nasdaq and SPY speculation into safe haven tangibles.


Once upon a time, Wallstreetsbets promoted stocks such as floundering tickers AMC and GameStop. Context, Covid created disaster for traditional venues where humans congregate i.e.(retail, restaurants, movies, live music) because Covid is transmitted via aerosol or breath droplets. Hedge fund managers knew this and took monstrous short positions in AMC the movie theater chain. Meanwhile GameStop was a strip mall dinosaur.

The objecitve of wallstreetbets was to maximize the potential upside for this new reddit group and the enthusiasm engine was to inflict pain on traditional financial powers. Precisely the aforementioned hedge fund billionaires.

The strategy used social media contagion & memes to influence a larger audience that were not typical investors into new modes of organizing and thinking.

Made sense. People under 40 were revolting against the prevailing sentiment that youngsters had nothing to offer.

Moreover, there were weakening publications like Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Barrons & Forbes that didn't speak to solving problems facing everyday citizens. This MSM propped up the status quo so reddit was the best emerging media to take down the vulnerable billionaires.

In with mobile modalities such as tiktok, reddit, instagram, WhatsAp, sms, mms, blockchain.

Out with print newspapers & magazines.

Mainstream media outlets like New York Times, Washington Post, Time, had no choice but to push their unpopular content on Facebook and Google spending enormous advertising funds that they had never budgeted before. They had no choice as print was falling to social media. People were consuming their news via FB / Google compared to their dwindling subscribers. It took them by surprise when 95% of their readership plummeted. Moreover, it was quite ironic that the periodicals that feasted on others advertising in turn were coerced into becoming the largest media buyers on the planet. Simply put, traditional periodicals only lifeline became paid ads placed on FB/ Instagram & Google/YouTube.

The End of the "Good ol'Days"

Capitalism as an economic system primarily replaced feudalism during the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was a period of massive economic, technological and cultural change which changed human social order like the transition from hunter-gathering to farming. Fast forward to the 2000s, there was a sea change sparked by social media.

In the good o' days it was the good ol' boys swapping investment and financial secrets held in board rooms and on golf courses. This was as corrupt and rigged analogous to The Rothschilds, the most famous banking family in history. In the 19th century the Rothschilds lent money to Kings and governments and funded both sides in the Napoleonic wars. They once saved the Bank of England from collapse with their own money.

Now history was going to repeat again this time on this side of the pond. In 1895 The Federal Treasury was quickly running out of gold reserves, where President Cleveland was forced to turn to J.P. Morgan to bail out the U.S. government from economic failure. Morgan loaned the treasury $65 million in gold in order to preserve the gold standard and preventing economic collapse. The Fed, which was cartel or private bankers started in 1913 with the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act.

The stage is much more dramatic and intense today. Inflation is raging throughout the Globe with an average of 20% when counting costs the CPI intentionally doesn't capture. The CPI fails to consider core costs such as food, energy, taxes, and cost of housing for home owners. We avoid quoting CPI because it ignores the most elementary components of the real economy and is promoted to misinform and escape accountability. Culpability lies with The Fed whose marching orders are to contain inflation and promote employment. But the formula for CPI has changed numerous times to contain a citizen revolt and the Federal Government can't afford to give out 15-20 percent increases for COLA Social security retirement payments. Fed opponents like Dr. Ron Paul point out that inflation is really The Fed, politicians and corporate elites stealing money from ordinary US citizens because as consumers purchasing power goes down while The Fed just prints more money further debasing the currency. Why the Fed is trapped into printing more money is the subject for dozens of more articles but the short version is the printing is linked to Wall Street being addicted to FREE MONEY. The Fed are the largest buyers of Treasury Bonds and Mortgage bonds Ron Paul discusses the Fed's insanity on Stansberry network:


Ivan Bayoukhi a member WallStreetBets posted about an attempt to create a short squeeze on silver futures. This was a deviation from AMC and GME. Ivan's message sparked a fire that "broke the internet." He captured lightning in a bottle when he painted this reality. He informed everyone RE J.P. Morgan Chase. J.P. Morgan Chase are considered the largest traders of precious metals and Ivan promoted taking on the banking giant. We will learn more about Ivan's background after I paint some important macro trends for context. Ivan Bayoukhi, Jim Lewis and key players like Lee Justo plus a handful of new visionaries believed there was more potential by splintering off into a new reddit sub forum called Wall Street Silver (WSS.) From the wallstreebets sub culture silver fans formed a new sub forum on reddit called "Wall Street Silver (WSS.)"

Wall Street Silver dwarfs Wallstreebets in terms of a positive economic impact for the 99.9% The .1% are about to run into a buzz saw not seen since the French revolution. Here is how it is playing out.

On January 29, 2021 the first "silver raid" happened. Tens of thousands of reddit users, who were recruited from wallstreetbets, purchased massive amounts of physical silver from a variety of sources such as JM Bullion, SD Bullion, SilverGoldBull, APMEX, Monument Metals, Bullion Max, American Gold Exchange, Miles Franklin as well as local coin shops.

What happened next was the biggest underdog event since David toppled Goliath. The Comex warehouse silver inventories drained from 152 million ounces to 82 million. This had never happened before in history, a raid of 46%

Founder of Wall Street Silver - Mr. Ivan Bayoukhi Just about a year ago Ivan Bayoukhi was 24-year old former car salesman living with his parents in Alberta, Canada. Ivan is now one of the most influential people in the United States. His YouTube channel trends like no other. His interviews along with co-host Jim Lewis has featured legendary financial gurus such as Rick Rule, EB Tucker, Lynette Zang, Michael Gentile, David Morgan, Marc Faber, Dave Kranzler, Gerald Celente, Gareth Soloway and other Silver stars. Ivan Bayoukhi is a not just a visionary but takes the time to answer YouTube comments, DMs on Linkedin and chimes into other users posts boosting organic rankings for . It appears he never sleeps but is laser focused on this Silver crusade. Check out Ivan's epic post w/ text below. Notice how the formatting and message would attract the common citizen. Notice also it doesn't look like a typical financial message you would see on Bloomberg or the Golf Channel. His movement skews younger than traditional "investment class" so he uses the signaling of his generation and he has everyone listening, reacting and this momentum has turned into silver activism. Ivan writes: "NOW IS THE TIME TO WAKE UP AND TAKE THE POWER BACK IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE,"

US and Global Economy in meltdown. Why is Silver a Better Way Forward? (The 3 problems listed below written by reddit user u/Methreewhynot) We are at war with the ignorance in peoples minds.

Please be aware that the world has 3 fundamental underlying problems which destroy our societies. If we don't know them, we can't fix them. If we don't understand the root cause of the problem we will attack the symptoms or the actors, not the cause, and once we have spent our Silver at higher fiat prices, we will be worse off than when we started.

The 1st problem is that large private and Central banks have obtained the exclusive franchise to create ALL new Currency as debt with interest attached. This in debts the whole world, every person, every government, in totally unpayable debts, enslaving us all to bankers through personal debt or excessive taxation, surcharges, permits, licences, registrations, regulations, fees, rates, duties, stamp-duties, fines, levies, et al. Ending in a disastrous scheme where the ill-gotten windfall funnels straight to the debt creators. These are the modern day "money changers" but their playbook now includes small print, paper swaps, derivatives and "slight of hand" maneuvers that no one can detect because the ordinary citizen is too busy to read the fine print.

The 2nd problem. Fractional banking allows these banks to create almost any amount, blowing massive bubbles (housing/stocks) and devaluing everyone's savings and work by raising all prices. The fix? Stop all banks and financial institutions loaning out more than they have on deposit and return legal currency creation to national treasury departments with a zero Inflation policy. This will not create inflation like bankers/economists would like to have you think. It is not WHO creates money that drives the constant devaluation of your money & work, it is THE VOLUME per population and productivity. The banks increased the base currency supply by over 40 % since march 2020. This is further multiplied by fractional banking. You can't spend it off planet, and we've had no increase in population or productivity. How can it not devalue our savings and wages by 40% as it enters the economy ?

The 3rd and biggest problem. Fiat currency whether paper or digital has no intrinsic value, thus it cannot be used as a long term store of value, particularly in an ever expanding fiat system. Return to constitutional Silver, Gold, Copper & Nickle currency, designated by weight not cents/dollars. These will find their own local value. These can't be printed to oblivion, have intrinsic value, and are a safeguard against selfish human nature. Continue to keep the manufacture of Gold & Silver rounds by private mints & foundries to help keep the government mints honest as to premiums.

Correct these 3 Principles and >80 % of our nation's problems would disappear. These 3 paragraphs can change the world and get you, your family & children out of everlasting serfdom. Expert educational videos showing the Silver Squeeze is working: Joseph Brown, Heresy Financial - Rafi Farber, Seeking Alpha / End Game Investor - Rick Rule, "Understanding When things happen" vs. "If things happen" 3 videos above trot out "Bullish" cases for silver.


Example of Educational Video by WSS on YouTube Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst since 2002, ITM Trading


Below are two stacks of Silver. Stack #1, a large stack by a veteran stacker. Stack #2, a "young ape" just starting the stacking adventure.


WARNING - Always store your precious metals in a safe not in your house.

Prior to buying physical silver check review sites like TrustPilot -Sovereign coins -Silver bullion

-Generic Rounds

-Silver Bars e.g. - SilverGold Bull TrustPilot reviews

There are special discounts for members of


Gold Medal Winner - Wall Street Silver

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