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Miracle Worker, Denver Consumer Advocate Tom Martino

story by Jon Forrest Little Denver talk show radio superstar Tom Martino airs weekdays 10am to 2pm on Denver Dial 630 AM KHOW. Tom takes phone calls from citizens who feel they have been ripped off, unpaid, treated poorly or allows people to disclose feelings or as he says "get things off your chest"

Martino is also an astounding media critic. He has a common theme whereby he has cited numerous cases where mainstream media has shifted from investigating policies to becoming partisan cheerleaders (Fox on right - CNN & MSNBC on left )

This has resulted in an unhealthy consumption of news. People are just listening to their own paradigm echoed by their respective belief systems. Similarly on social media they call this a filter bubble whereby people only see views they agree on leading to a further divide or polarization in the community.

Martino feels that whether someone is promoting or advocating for the Green New Deal (left wing) or for Strong Borders (right wing) that the leadership is coming from a position of policy makers trying to better the world whereas the media tends to villainize or polarize the reporting.

Martino recently discussed a Time Magazine article RE The Great Reset - Martino remarked that it would be unhealthy for citizens to surrender to an elite group or World Council. He feels that a citizenry made up of involved and informed members of society using common sense would yield a decentralized and more democratic approach to solving our common problems. In political science this principal is called utilitarianism defined "as the greatest good for the greatest many!"

To hear Martino at his best tune into his show and listen how he skillfully weaves in consumer issues then brings in a team of experts in his network to work through problem. He also has a pro-active staff that calls businesses and applies pressure for them to solve consumer problems. They may say to an unresponsive business owner "You're being talked about on the radio...and not in a favorable way!"

Here a sample of Martino calling out a local sleaze ball involved in numerous scams under at least 3 or 4 phony business names

This involved a man named Chris Ford who obtained a 17,000 deposit from a couple's retirement fund. Martino told his callers to call the alleged "sleazeball" named Chris Ford. He even submitted his FB account found here

In a 4 hour period he may be able to help around 25 consumers. I believe he's been on the air for over 40 years so do the math on the total amount of dollars and stress relief Martino has bestowed on consumers. He has a very unique style, he come's across as assertive (not aggressive) he may yell at you but it's usually because the listener is wondering off task and he likes to dissect each problem one step at a time. His bedside manner is interrogative like an attorney but he inserts enough humor to put you at ease. He is one of the best listeners I've experienced but he does most of the talking! Martino is probably the best journalist and most entertaining personalities I've come across.

Tom Martino has also identified a major shift in what he has noticed since his youth. Recently he stated that in the 60's and 70's protest culture was critical of government activity yet Martino has highlighted that recently he's noticed a 180 degree change in that now protest culture seems to embrace "government control." He had invited listeners to discuss this 180 degree shift. This reporter called in to explain the shift. I explained the following. There was a time in USA when US made things (e.g. Steel in Pittsburgh, cars in Detroit) but through globalization our corporations sent these jobs or outsourced these manufacturing jobs over-seas and to Latin America. The result of globalization meant that the Democratic party lost its' main power base which was the union members, union organization and union vote. Democrats then had to scramble to fragment their message via identity politics. So they have one message for Black voters, another message for Latino voters, another message for LGBTQ voters, another message for sub-urban women and so on. For the elusive youngsters ( who were identified by Tom as previously being "skeptical of government" ) their pandering message is "We will forgive your student debt" which I believe has turned young people into "clinging" to government as some kind of savior thus explaining a shift from "anger towards government" to "acceptance of government"

I do have one criticism to reveal. I believe he needs to hire this writer as a media sales staff member to promote his show thus adding to his network or referral list !


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