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More People are Speaking Truth to Power. Let's all Hope our Hero Professor Sachs remains OK.

Spartacus was a mighty warrior and gladiator that led an army of enslaved people.

Rome was very stratified. There were various levels of citizenship and wealthy people had significant advantages over everyone else. Just like today where members of

The US Congress won't face prison for insider trading (after hearing classified intelligence briefings and buying "war stocks")

In Rome (and the US) the ruling class held over 98% of the wealth, and all along the sociological spectrum, there were profound delineations indicating differential access to wealth, power, and prestige. Like all societies, the main work was performed by cheap labor and enslaved people. But there was hope. Spartacus was a military commander leading the slave revolt representing an opportunity to defeat the ruling class. But it turned out really bad for 6,000 slaves.

The crucifixion of Spartacus' army

In 73 BC, a slave revolt (known as the Third Servile War) under the ex-gladiator Spartacus began against the Romans. Slavery accounted for roughly every third person in Italy.

Spartacus defeated many Roman armies in a conflict over two years. However, while trying to escape from Italy, Spartacus unknowingly moved his forces into the historic trap at Calabria.

The Romans were well acquainted with the region. Legions were brought home from abroad, and Spartacus was pinned between armies. Finally, the ex-slave army was defeated at the Siler River by Marcus Crassus.

The Romans judged that the enslaved people had forfeited their right to live and were sentenced to death by crucifixion. In 71 BC, 6,000 enslaved people were crucified along the 200-kilometer (120 mi) Via Appia from Rome to Capua.

This mass execution served two distinct functions.

1/ It was punishment for the slave revolt.

2/ More importantly, it served to warn everyone what would happen if you challenged the ruling class.

Imagine the horror of hearing the cries of agony from tortured slaves hanging on wooden crosses over a 120-mile stretch of road. This road was the principal trading route with the most visibility. This act by the Roman state delivered a dire statement; stepping out of line would be met severely and swiftly. The ultimate deterrent.


Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University Economics Professor, today laid out his simple case as to why US was the guilty party in sabotaging the Nord Stream pipeline.

He was yanked off the air while appearing as a guest expert on Bloomberg TV.

What evidence led Professor Sachs to state that US was to blame? Enough for a tenured professor to risk his reputation on Bloomberg TV -Why would Russia do it? all they have to do is turn off a valve.

-There is radar footage of US equipment and helicopters near the incident.

-US had threatened months ago that they had this desire and ability.

-US Secretary of State Blinken bizarre comment that the "Nord Stream disaster is an opportunity for EU to ween itself from Russian gas."

Professor Sachs is not alone in this belief. Many geo-political analysts have come to the very same conclusion. Nevertheless, Professor Sachs is very brave to express his views.

On the downside, it is hoped he will not be "visited" by the Deep State enforcers.

On the bright side, at least he won't be crucified along the highway connecting Silver Springs Maryland, and Washington DC To see the video with your own eyes and ears