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China Cuts Off Supplies. Russia Cuts off Commodites. Unfriendlies Are Toast.

"Sovereign interests of Russia and China logically led to their growing strategic partnership and cooperation, in order to address common threats emanating from Washington."

10 graphics providing evidence that Russia and China have significant leverage over USA and Europe.

1. Food

The top 10 producing countries of food are (not in order) China, India, USA, Germany, France, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and Japan. These are split evenly between East vs West

BUT LOOK AT THE FERTILIZER CHART BELOW. This puts the East having leverage over the West in terms of food

China. She has 20% of the world’s population but has been vigilant in past 5 years trading in US assets in favor of tangibles. She has been stockpiling FOOD, GOLD, OIL. China now has access to 70% of the word’s maize stocks, 60% of the world's rice, 50% of the world's wheat and 35% of the world's soybeans. The other 80% of the world’s population will face acute shortages this year. The news gets much worse. Keep in mind grains and energy intensive fertilizer will not hit the export level.

With the next 3 graphics The East has more oil production. USA and Canada together may be close to energy independence but only on the surface. Let's look at the reality which is going under the surface to where oil really sits. Beneath the ground.

Oil and gas deposits located under the ground must be drilled and transported with the use of steel rig machinery and steel pipes. All things metal are produced in the East as you will see in graphics 5,6,& 7. Moreover, Saudi Arabia is the wild card with the most power because their reserves are like the tie breaker in this East vs West schism. Traditionally the Saudis propped up USA after Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 (Creation of petro-dollar, a trade for settlements in USD for protection) History shows that such alliances shift. Slaves look for ways to revolt and break free. This is just physics and momentum. All the neutrals are lining up to convert their USD assets into gold, food and oil. Nations are abandoning anything that has to do with the orbit of the dollar which is tethered to debt and the repackaging of Non Performing Loans. 2. Oil

3. Natural Gas

4. Coal

5. Aluminum China produces 10 times more than 2nd place India.

10 F*cking more times.

USA and Europe have been so geeked up about the transition to so called green energy. You can't go Electric Vehicle without lightweight cladding for vehicles. China via Aluminum holds electric cars by the gonads.

6. Steel

7. Other Key Minerals

8. Crude oil is least volatile priced in Gold

9. Basket of Commodities

A basket of commodities is superior to basket of Non Performing Loans.

Western banks in US, Japan, Great Britain and Eurozone do not have collateral based on production from factories. They are leveraged over 20 X. The traditional way to bank was to loan money to a factory. The factory then makes an item in high demand in the world marketplace, then the bank could get re-paid with interest once the factory took the product to market and profited.

Now Western banks are "financialized" meaning that Non Performing loans are marked as assets instead of liabilities. They are given some bogus score and swapped back and forth between Western banks.

China recognized these dynamics following the Fed’s monetary policies of March 2020, when it reduced its funds rate to the zero bound and instituted QE at $120bn every month. The signal concerning the dollar’s future debasement was clear, and China began to stockpile oil, commodities, and food — just to get rid of dollars. - Source, Alasdair Macleod,

10. Belt Road Initiative

China's Belt Road Initiative is like traveling through a winding road of connected nations the USA has bombed, punished, destabilized or tried to overthrow.

Rail, Road, & Sea Routes. Connecting The Persian Gulf and Four Seas.

Conclusion. If you were going camping you would prepare with

1.) Food

2.) Some kind of fuel for heat / fire and to cook with

3.) You would also bring a flashlight or have a kerosene lantern.

Food, Energy, Light. Russia and China are prepared while USA and Europe are not.

Common interests of survival and resistance are uniting China and Russia, These two countries are economically symbiotic. These common interests complement and increase competitive advantages of each other, (China and Russia.) There common interests will persist over the long run.

To better understand the deep history shared in China & Russia's alliance please research:

Borderline clickbait graphics, they serve a purpose within today's insane media landscape.