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Wars, New Maps drawn. Resources divided in New Ways. International Trade Changed. Advantage Russia.

April 28, 2022


As we've been documenting in every article nations go to war to expand their reach (more subjects of the crown.) Nations go to war as their main engine of economic development. The objective is to grab resources, coerce the desperate masses into cheap labor (debt slavery) and rig modes of distribution in favor of the aggressive state. The perpetrator of war (Athens, Persia, Rome, Monarchs, Imperialism, Neo-Colonialism, US, UK, China, Russia, et al) use their military as the police force to keep modes of trade favorable for the aggressor.

Generally the Northern Hemisphere expropriates the resources of the Southern Hemisphere (w/ exception of Australia , New Zealand, S. Africa) NOW THIS IS VERY STRAIGHTFORWARD.

US and NATO (one in the same) had no right to push towards Russia's border. Gorbachev had received assurances that if Germany united, and stayed in NATO, the borders of NATO would not move eastward. Russia had to swallow the following nations joining NATO (An egregious violation of the aforementioned agreement) These nations were: Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

Another expansion came with the accession of seven Central and Eastern European countries that included Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Moreover, Russia has horrible memories of being attacked from the West (geographically the European plain leaves Russia vulnerable.)

In the past 500 years, Russia has been invaded several times from the west. The Poles came across the European Plain in 1605, followed by the Swedes under Charles XII in 1707, the French under Napoleon in 1812, and the Germans—twice, in both world wars, in 1914 and 1941.


The USA would not tolerate Russia meddling in Mexico. The Monroe Doctrine stipulates Russia can't even touch the Western Hemisphere. (remember the Cuban missile crisis?) The special operation in Ukraine reveals this was provoked by the West pushing NATOs influence smack dab against Russia's border. Russia, previously outraged by dozens of NATO leaps East, had finally had enough of NATO expansion and US meddling ( most notably a 2014 US backed coup to oust Ukraine's sovereign regime and install the West's friendly and notoriously corrupt Zelensky.)

Team USA is in big trouble. They just don't have that many allies in this global fight. Their team is rounded off with the European Union, Japan, Australia and S. Korea. But with the exception of US Team West has two enormous problems 1.) A severe lack of commodities 2.) Monstrous debt. (Team West's debt is north of 239 Trillion, USA debt to GDP is 131%, Japan's debt to GDP is 252%, Russia's debt to GDP is under 20%)

European Union once having the World's second most high standard of living is teetering on bankruptcy. Their future is fragile because they don't have the natural resources to run their factories and economy. The producer price index in Spain is up 50% year over year. It is up over 30% in Germany and the problem is getting worse.

Russia is the commodity superstore (gas, oil, coal, gold, silver, nickel, palladium, aluminum, & wheat)

The US and Europe are printing, Russia is not printing.

Energy drives every modern economy and Europe can not make up the energy loss from Russia. Germany (European bloc's largest economy) has 40% reliance on Russian Energy.

Two days ago we predicted it would be smarter for Russia to WITHDRAW ALL ENERGY SALES TO EUROPE.

This is a war, why would the European Union who are supplying weapons and help to Ukraine expect the nation they are fighting to give them Energy? Analogy, If you are in a street fight and there is a pause in the fight, would you stop and give your opponent some energy boost like a can of Red Bull?

The day before Russia cuts off gas to Germany.

After the prediction , the very next day.


So what about silver and gold?

Russia has successfully created a two-loop monetary and financial system. The Ruble is now linked to Gold and commodities. The US dollar is linked to 30 Trillion in debt (most of which has not gone through a rate hike cycle) + 165 Trillion in unfunded liabilities.

Russia has buy in from China, India, Brazil, Israel, Africa, Latin America, Saudi Arabia & others.

Team West is outnumbered significantly.

US has already f*cked up by weaponizing the dollar. US is losing reserve currency status.

All Reserve currencies end up dying and being replaced and all such resets favor gold.

History indicates at every reset intersection gold steps up and does the accounting for the debt and fiscal irresponsibility.

Ruble on fire. Sanctions Backfired BIG TIME

Ruble approaching 30% gain in 30 days. Epic move meanwhile Team West has Yen and Euro hanging on by a thread.

Russia cognizant that LBMA & COMEX have rigged gold market set up a run on gold and silver inventories.