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Close your Eyes, Go to Sleep. Everything is Fine.

Sunday August 7, 2022

by Jon Forrest Little

This article aims to lay out seven disturbing things going on with the Government and our domestic media.

First, there are hundreds of examples of how the media is failing in its duty to provide oversight and inform the public. Their role is to provide a service as an investigative check against corruption. But lately, they are paid instruments of propaganda, resorting to yellow journalism. Moreover, they confuse everyone by reinforcing Government overreach and are deeply involved in gaslighting tactics.

What are the seven disturbing trends?

  1. Government turns on its own citizens with heightened surveillance, bans guns, increases tax collection efforts, limits movement & freedoms. Ruling Class / Bankers promote and fund wars to steal all resources such as oil, food, gold while profiting off munitions. Empires often seize farmland to choke off food supply and to kill off villagers. Domestic media complicit in tax seizures, war, murderous acts by the State and their corruption by failing to report the disturbing news.

  2. US Government declares Emergency Powers when there is no emergency.

  3. Using a fake emergency as an excuse to seize absolute power. (Authoritarian / Tyranny)

  4. US Monetary policymakers are denying or redefining simple terms like recession and inflation.

  5. US domestic media "fact checkers" are losing all credibility with false reporting.

  6. What we've seen in the last 20 years is not laissez-faire free-market capitalism but Wall Street socialism based on a model of privatizing profits and socializing losses. An era of bail-outs, rigged trade & shadowy money in elections. An era characterized by Corporate interests aligning with government policy.

  7. Crickets from Mainstream Media RE: The World Economic Forum and their globalist agendas and promotion of degrowth or depopulation. Advancing policies such as seizing the farmland.

The quid pro quo being, Come party in Davos Switzerland (caviar, champagne, & rub elbows with the billionaires.) Your press credentials exchanged for complicity.


Everyone keep an eye on the Dutch Farmland and Farmer Resistance Movement. This is the biggest news story of the century ignored by our media.


The Ministry of Propaganda continues. Let's start with the name. The Inflation Reduction Act. Increasing the money supply by more than was spent on the TARP bail outs will kick our current record inflation into over-drive.

So the Inflation Reduction Act is really the Inflation Amplification Act. Remember the date, Sunday, August 7th. Yes, the US Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act on Sunday evening when they thought no one was paying attention. But unfortunately, this deceptive legislation added 87,000 IRS agents to harass the workers.

Look at the chart below. Close to 80% of the audits are on lower income households

Inside This Insane Legislation: IRS budget is currently $13.7 billion. Yesterday the Senate passed "the inflation reduction act" giving the IRS an additional $80 billion making IRS bigger than the Pentagon, State Department, FBI & Border Patrol COMBINED 1. They closed down the country for a manufactured virus the US funded fact checked; NIH & EcoHealth Alliance developed Covid in Wuhan lab through gain of function research.

2. Kicking money printing press into over-drive, 80% of money ever printed in the last two years.

2. Now the USA government is coming for you to pay the bill and harass the populace with an alarming increase in audits. 3. But they won't audit the super wealthy as they have the loopholes, offshore accounts, inversions, shell companies, attorneys and accountants to hide behind.


US Government declaring Emergency Powers when there is no emergency.

A Pattern Shift in Messaging. Biden is Manufacturing an Emergency.

Below is a tweet from Joe Biden. It is incoherent messaging. US sanctions necessitated European nations to burn "dirty" coal instead of clean natural gas. So how can the US president dare talk about the climate?

From this press release Biden cries, "Let me perfectly clear, climate change is an emergency. And in the coming weeks, I'm going to use the the power I have as President to turn these words into formal government action."


bypassing Congress, bypassing debate, bypassing transparency