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Replacing Curtains & Blinds. SmartGlass switches from "Frost" to "Clear" in split second!

Technology & Design Breakthrough - GlassTek is the leading manufacturer of Smart Film and Smart Glass in North America. - Smart Film and Smart Glass allows on-demand privacy on a flip of a switch. Also the most sterile option wiped clean means NO CONTAGION in a Covid-19 World. - GlassTek provides full installation options across the country.

- GlassTek is the only smart glass company in USA that also installs for turnkey peace of mind and accountability also providing 3 year warranty. - GlassTek is the lowest priced source in US / Canada. - They provide the highest quality standard (only 2.5% haze, 98% UV Block & up to 60% heat reduction) These 20 second video clips show the smart glass technology functioning: at the Google Campus, Cochlear Implants Conference Room, To be quoted please send an email to the contact link below, just measure your window opening by width in inches times height in inches, indicate location of the project and you will receive a written quote within 48 hours.


contact direct 720-572-9605