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In the Final Act of the Play the Actors remove their Costumes

by Jon Forrest Little

July 11, 2022

In Paramount’s 1974 epic film The Godfather (by Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola) there is a brilliant scene portraying how Vito Corleone rose to power by killing a ruthless crime boss in Brooklyn.

The Feast of San Rocco is a religious celebration held on the 16th of August. It was during this fiery festival that Vito Corleone killed Don Fanucci. Robert DeNiro's character Vito understands the festival fireworks will conceal gunfire. The firecrackers created a diversion.


DeNiro's character knew the street sound of firecrackers would drown out his gunfire. This is called a diversion.

Magicians also use diversions. Magicians have worked out how to control what their audience sees - or perceive they see. This works in vanishing acts, card tricks or even a mentalist can fool and con the public. People are not just deceived by sight, but led to believe the magician has extraordinary powers. It’s a style of trickery for the senses of sight, sound and even thought. When the government steals from you, they do so using covert tactics.

Always look for the diversion. We’re bombarded by them.

In modern times, most diversions live-in domestic media. Most press releases are 180 degrees from reality. I found this one right below this sentence yesterday.

This propaganda piece is so simple, yet so deceiving. The hit piece shows one photo, one headline and one lead sentence, yet so many things are intentionally erroneous.

Our leaders and mainstream media understand that the public is mostly uneducated in monetary matters. This gives them the confidence to pull off many monetary and political crimes. Just look at the simple graphic, headline and lead sentence and let’s count up the falsehoods.

This propaganda piece is so simple, yet so deceiving. The hit piece shows one photo, one headline and one lead sentence, yet so many things are intentionally erroneous.

Our leaders and mainstream media understand that the public is mostly uneducated in monetary matters. This gives them the confidence to pull off many monetary and political crimes. Just look at the simple graphic, headline and lead sentence and let’s count up the lies:

  • Joseph Robinette Biden Jr is not a member of The Fed.

  • The Fed is solely responsible for increasing the money supply.

  • Inflation is defined as the increase in money supply.

  • There is no other explanation for this political phenomenon known as inflation.

  • Just one photo, one headline and one sentence. YET IT CONCEALS THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY USING A DIVERSION.

I consider Edward Bernays the pioneer of US Propaganda. He was Sigmund Freud’s nephew and his clients were the CIA, United Fruit Company and numerous producers of steel, energy, consumer products, and cigarettes.

In his book “Crystallizing Public Opinion,” Bernays states the easiest diversion tactic is to start with a fact and then add the opposite. Just like the example above.

Watch how this works. Takes no brain power. Just some money to pay for your press release to hit domestic media outlets. They call this advertorial. Advertorial is paid advertising that looks like a news story.

To create a diversion you just change one thing like this:

Here is the fact - "The source of high US inflation is pretty clear. The money supply."
Here is the diversion - "The source of high US inflation is pretty clear, and it doesn't have much to do with the money supply." Do you see what changed?

As the US collapses due to debt and reckless monetary /foreign policy, the propaganda amplifier will be volumes louder than Metallica, Indy 500, or the fireworks that covered up Robert DeNiro’s gunfire.

We will bounce from disaster to disaster and from diversion to diversion.

Virus lock downs will be replaced by Climate Emergency Lock downs.

There will be no domestic reporting that US sanctions have pushed 80% of the World towards BRICS.

There will be no mainstream media reporting that members of Congress profit from war stock trading after receiving classified briefings. This is insider trading which is a crime.

NATO expansion and thus the war in Ukraine are the business development models for Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing, UK’s Airbus, France’s BAE, Sweden’s SAAB, UK’s Rolls Royce, etc.

We will hear that it’s Putin’s Energy Crisis. The diversion this time is a lie of omission.

There will be no reporting surrounding the truth that the same crowd that promoted the War in Iraq (using disinformation) are selling NATO expansion.

Neocons like Anthony Blinken, Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland have the guns and the press to back their immoral adventure.

From the start of the Covid War in March 2020 until today the US has printed more currency than ever before. This has been the biggest monetary explosion in our entire history. The US money supply expanded by an alarming 43%.

No one I know would say their wealth leaped over this 43% hurdle. Most everyone in the US has taken enormous financial hits. Their salary levels have paused.

It gets much worse. 401(k)s, IRAs, and pensions are all tethered to the Wall Street casino. Equities are down 30% and going lower. Social Security and Medicare are unfunded liabilities.

Where I come from unfunded means MAY NOT HAPPEN.

As bad as the situation with inflation is right now, it’s nothing compared to what is ahead of us. The next round of money printing will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

This will lead to the biggest wealth transfer in history and you guessed right, it will not transfer the wealth in your direction.

The CPI is a deceitful diversion. It is a worthless statistic. It’s nothing more than government propaganda to conceal the fact that they are stealing massive amounts of wealth from the populace without their consent through the hidden inflation tax.

Governments inflate the currency to raise money they can’t raise via taxation. That is why we say it is “taxation without legislation” which would yield some degree of public discussion and transparency. By printing, The Fed bypasses the legislature and voters have no clue what’s happening just like the people in Brooklyn didn’t hear the gunshot.

Inflation is a covert, indirect and insidious tax that the government takes from people without their consent.

Taking something without someone’s consent is stealing.

Corruption is So Blatant and Obvious.

The political class doesn’t even hide it anymore.

There are four common themes shared between all great collapses. Athens, Rome, France, Spain, England, Germany, et al.

  1. Political class aligns with munitions manufacturers. The perception on the street is government caters mostly to soldiers while ignoring everyone else.

  2. Political class has to debase the currency (or inflate) to pay for wars.

  3. Political class clamps down on their own people while eliminating freedoms such as publishing, speech, assembly, right to guns, movement or free trade.

  4. The legitimacy of the ruling class suffers because the public perceives they are getting cheated by police, military, industrialists and members of the ruling party, which are the only remaining supporters. The populace is vigilant in planning a resistance movement. Ultimately, the opposition overwhelms their oppressors.

All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force. ― George Orwell.

Remember the number 43%. Hauntingly Similar.

At a glance, you will see how today’s 43% explosion in money printing. (Chart 1, up and to the right) follows the same trajectory as Rome’s 43% debasement. (Chart 2, down and to the right) Rome from 241 AD to about 274 AD debased the Denari from 48% silver purity to 5% silver purity. Rome was going broke and desperate to finance wars and other luxuries via deficit spending. What was destabilizing and alarming was the Denari had already lost half of its purchasing power because the first coins had 98 percent silver purity. This signaled to Roman citizens that everything was twice as bad. Inflation infected and ravaged her citizens. Rome’s policy of silver dilution (money clipping, debasement, debauchment, seigniorage) led to her collapse. This is just like the USA. In 2009 Americans were told Quantitative Easing round 1 would be “one and done.” We were told The Fed had tools, but many knew that only a constrained monetary system would guarantee a balanced budget.

Many scholars and everyday folk raised concerns ignored by mainstream reporting because they were hitting too close to the empire’s evil secret.

US foreign policy and meddling in 57 nations since World War 2 enriched munitions manufacturers, scientists at Dept. of Defense and Dept. of Energy labs plus war stock investors. This is welfare for the wealthy. Meanwhile, the inflation tax stole from everyone else. This war profiteering, plus countless other pork barrel projects, would yield severe consequences.