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Wallstreetsilver stackers in Europe. EuropaBullion wins reader's choice. Here's Why.

European Gold & Silver NewsReport EuropaBullion, Discovery of high quality & vast deposits in Estonia. In celebration of Wallstreet Silver's one year anniversary celebration, EuropaBullion and

The PickAxe sat down to discuss silver and core competencies that position EuropaBullion as one of the best bullion sources in the World.

We are in Europe covering some geo-political trends. We're visiting with ordinary citizens and precious metal enthusiasts in a glorious region. This area of the world has centuries of experience working, living and trading in a culture rich with gold and silver. Following a trail of silver coins led to the best navigating strategy possible. We ended up in the country of Estonia and had the good fortune to visit an extraordinary Bullion dealer located in Tallinn Estonia named EuropaBullion

More on Tallinn Estonia

Tallinn is a beautiful city located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. If you think of a clock (and this a crude description) but if Tallinn is the middle of the clock here are some prestigious markets surrounding Tallinn Estonia. Helsinki Finland is direct north at 12 o'clock, St Petersburg at 1 o'clock, Moscow at 3 o'clock, Berlin at 7 o'clock, Hamburg at 8 o'clock and Stockholm at 10 o'clock. I can't think of a better location. Via some questions and answers there is a lot to learn about EuropaBullion.

The PickAxe: It's in your logo. Right under the bull the text reads,"Europa Bullion...The Real Money Shop." Similarly this is the overarching theme of the Wallstreetsilver movement. Silver is real money while paper is not. On the topic of real money, what are you noticing in terms of the state of

things in Europe or the fragility of the Euro?

EuropaBullion: EuropaBullion is exactly what the slogan says, The Real Money Shop. We

offer VAT-free gold, silver, platinum and palladium to all EU Member States. The premiums are among the very best in Europe. We have a large customer base and our TrustScore on TrustPilot is 4.9 out of 5 based on 995 verified reviews.

I would say the thing that distinguishes us from other dealers is, above all, the very quick delivery. That's because we strive to only sell products that we have in stock. Another thing which is not so common in our industry is that we never ever hedge. This means we have 100 % long exposure to the price of both silver and gold. If they go down we end up losing money as a business so

we really put our money where our mouth is. Talk about skin in the game...

On the second question, the Euro is, by design, a fundamentally flawed currency. Before its' introduction, Member States at least had control over their own currency, and most importantly, interest rates. You cannot have countries like Germany and Greece for example, share the same interest rates. Each economy has its' own unique needs so what the ECB ended up doing is they lowered the interest rates to near 0 to fit the weaker Southern economies and kept them like that for over a decade now which, of course, is highly inflationary.

In the States you talk about money printing but it's worth mentioning in relative terms

that the ECB prints even more than the FED.

In defense of the Euro, I can say it's convenient to pay with the same currency in 20 or so countries but I can't think of any other benefits.

The PickAxe: It appears you appreciate your customers and like the Apes over at wallstreetsilver, everyone is united in the belief of silver over allegiance to any form of government. Name some

challenges associated with dealing with your diverse customer base? (You sell throughout the World, Wow ) Do you have any hopes that silver will be used as a form of exchange

in the future? Even if the form of exchange isn't officially

recognized by Governments, what insurance is silver against further paper debasement?

EuropaBullion: Being a precious metals dealer is both very challenging and a lot of fun

at the same time. Every day is different, you chat with dozens of people at the same time, some are complete newbies, others are experienced investors, some are uptight, others are relaxed, some are very price-sensitive, others are into commemorative coins and high-premium stuff so it takes some social skills and nuance to manage all these communications. I have to add that we have a wonderful work environment at the office which makes it easier to deal with the job, everybody

helps everybody.

Regarding silver, on an official level I can't see it becoming a part of the monetary system

anytime soon and this will happen only after gold does. The governments will use every trick in the book to keep the current system working for as long as possible as it allows them to do indefinite

spending without having to directly tax individuals. Having said that, we take a lot of time to analyse both gold and silver supply and demand and we go through a lot of data from various sources. In fact, we started the company at that rare moment in 2020 when silver hit $12 USD/oz. We

are projecting a range between $60-$70 USD per oz. silver price and $3.000+ USD gold price

somewhere between 2023-2025.

The PickAxe: The Goddess of Europa was the grand-daughter of Poseidon.

She was known for her beauty which did not go unnoticed by Zeus. When

is this beautiful coin available? Tell us more about the symbolism of

the bull and the Tokeleau jurisdiction related to this coin? This could be the most beautiful coin I've seen! Educate the World about the Goddess of Europa 1 ounce silver coin.

EuropaBullion: The continent of Europe is named after Goddess Europa. You can see her image on the 2 Euro coin, although we did a much better job than the ECB. We mint the Goddess of Europa at a small private refinery in Bulgaria called Bulmint and the quality is much higher than the quality

you get from government mints.

The 1oz and 1kg Goddess Europa Silver Coins were by far the best selling products on our website in 2021 so we decided to start selling them to dealers across the world, not just investors in Europe. Along with the 1oz Bull & Bear they are available

in the States from SilverGoldBull.Com and in a couple of months all three products will be available from all major US dealers.

The Goddess Europa Coin is denominated in New Zealand Dollars and we

actually pay a small fee to the Tokelau government. But, being a legal tender coin, the Goddess Europa has some significant tax advantages over the rounds, especially in Europe. We get to sell VAT-free.


The Pickaxe: Wallstreetsilver is having their 1 year anniversary raid right now. How do you think things are going? Have you seen an uptick in orders? Last year the movement had 40,000 members and now there are 179,000, what was it like last year? Do you have any special promotions celebrating Troy's 1 year birthday?

EuropaBullion: I think Ivan (and all the apes on the forum) did a phenomenal job for one

year. 179,000 members is quite impressive. On behalf of the whole team

at EuropaBullion , I would like to congratulate everyone involved, great job.

I vividly remember the r/wallstreetsilver's first raid during the last weekend of January,

2021. We literally went out of stock overnight which at the time was 33,000 oz of silver.

Pickaxe interjects: Gauging the momentum in the macro marketplace and boost from r/wallstreetsilver the following projections are probable. Based on the ratio of members added and that economic conditions have worsened this formula is our projection. Ape consumer enthusiasm has heightened as we're in a massive bull run + growth from 44k to 179k is a magnitude of 500% growth. This yields a probability of 150,000 ounces of silver sold during this final week in January 2022 raid. EuropaBullion: In light of your projections we reiterate, we strive to sell what we have in stock and never hedge. We're in the same "boat" with the reddit apes. We don't win unless they win too. This is the most fair and sustainable business model that exists.

We are happy to offer all WSS members the promo-code RAID2 - it gives

you a 2% discount on all silver products on our website - that's almost

50 EUR cents on a 1oz coin.


The Silver Towers posted on r/wallstreetsilver - 8,000 ounces

The Pickaxe: Yesterday you posted "The Silver Towers" post which went

viral. We think this is very clever Gorilla marketing. Were you surprised at the reaction?

EuropaBullion: I manage the account on Reddit and I try to share cool stuff. Yesterday

we received about 20.000 coins from the mint, it was very late in the

evening and we were tired and joking. I decided to take a picture and

shared it and suddenly it went viral. Once we had to carry a few monster

boxes with silver across town to a client. The special vehicle we had

hired was late so I put it in the trunk of my car and shared a photo on

Reddit that had over 1,500 upvotes. Pickaxe came back and said "It was probably 4,000 + upvotes the downvoting trolls from r/cryptocurrency spend their entire day trolling wallstreetsilver

I have found that the really good posts are always the spontaneous ones.

I like the saying - "when you stop caring, results come". I think it

applies to precious metals investing. You just have to keep stacking,

not be obsessed with the price and one day when you least expect it, the

price will take off and make your head spin. I wish you and your readers the very best in investing and life. The Pickaxe: Thank you for the interview and tour. We do have one final question. Do you have any advice for boat travel back to Helsinki Finland? We are loaded up with some monster boxes of Silver. On the topic of boat safety, can you think of any safety tips to reduce any boating accidents? Apes are prone to boating disasters while transporting silver. There's something about apes, boating and silver that are high risk adventures.

Ferry ship on the Baltic sea between Estonia and Finland. Boat safety inspection protocol activated.


Boat safety is a common theme within r/wallstreetsilver 'Tell us the truth': hole found in sunken ship's hull proves us right, say families


Interviewee - Stoyan Tonev, Head of Sales.


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