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RESTORE or REROOF? Life after the May 8th Hail Event. (What Commercial Property Owners Need to Know

The May 8th hail storm in Denver area produced nearly $1.6 billion in estimated insured losses, making it the costliest hailstorm in our history. Some hail was 4½ inches in diameter, according to the National Weather Service. There are hundreds of roofers that blew into town as fast as the storm and the purpose of this article is to encourage our readers to select a reputable company that can not only repair or replace your roof, siding and windows, but return your entire property to “pre-loss condition” as is stated and covered in the insurance policy. Unfortunately, the majority of companies out there will just take whatever the insurance company gives them for roof repair and leaves the rest of the property unrestored. This is where it’s critical for the insured to not choose just a roofing company, but a company that has a proven track-record of full property restoration for aesthetics, structural and functionality. This mandates the use of Engineers and fully licensed forensic teams to thoroughly investigate and document your entire property for maximizing the claim, so just a roofing company isn’t going to cut it.

Here is a typical scenario. The size and velocity of hail damages the integrity of the exterior envelope of the property. This sometimes causes immediate leaks, but often creates moisture intrusion that isn’t immediately noticed, but will reveal its’ ugly head down the road. Moisture is the enemy of the building envelope that creates mold , rot and negatively impacts the functionality and safety of your property. There is only a 2-year statute of limitations in Colorado for storm damage, this is why we highly recommend you contact a storm restoration expert to inspect your property and remedy any issues before the 2 year statute expires and your insurance coverage will be denied.


We have been impressed with the superior level of service and expertise demonstrated by Chandler Companies Inc., a true 3rd generation, family owned and operated company that has been specializing in full commercial and industrial property restoration since 1948. Your commercial property policy is a financial document intended to protect your property when there is damage from storms and acts of nature. Business and property owners have invested in this financial product. Chandler Companies Inc. will act strictly as an advocate for the customer and handle all facets of the restoration process from insurance claim through project completion, maximizing their return on this investment with a proven track record of facilitating over 700% more than those not utilizing their services. Their mission is to give the property owner the best complete property restoration and the highest level of service throughout the claims and construction process.

The team at Chandler Companies Inc. has created industry-unique programs and services to further differentiate themselves from the competition as true pioneers in the restoration industry. They believe to serve the customer completely and to the highest level, there needs to be a proactive approach to storm damage instead of the industry-standard reactive approach when Mother Nature calls.

They’ve accomplished this with their proprietary StormTower™ Property Protection Program that they offer as a complimentary service for commercial and industrial properties. It combines a series of pre-inspections and documentation by their team to accurately create a baseline for the property that then is monitored live around the clock 24-7-365 for any type of adverse weather conditions. In the event of extreme weather at that specific address, the Chandler Team is notified within 15 minutes to assess the situation and respond as needed. This sets in motion a series of predetermined steps and processes to address any emergency needs of the property owner to minimize moisture intrusion and get a jump on the process. Time is the true enemy of storm damage and this program becomes the property owners secret weapon.

Click here to enroll in the FREE StormTower™ Property Protection Program


Chandler Companies Inc. recently won the BEST OF COLORADO Gold Medal for Customer Satisfaction. We want our readers to be careful when choosing a restoration contractor and we stand by the readers choice.

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