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Doug Casey and Matthew Smith issue a Challenging Opportunity. Seeking a True Detective.

By Jon Forrest Little

Why these lies?

Government spokesman says, "We are not in a recession." Maybe this lie is because if they admitted to a recession people would say, "Then why are you hiking rates during a recession?" Government spokesman says, "Inflation is because of high energy prices."

Well then why would you sanction Russia a world leading energy supplier? We live in times where The Joe Rogan Experience is more popular than CNN. This says a lot.

We have one man and a microphone kicking the crap out of a media conglomerate.

People trust a dude who’s winging it more than scripted and slick newsrooms.

Let's talk about trust.

Trust in government officials and the products they promote is collapsing. One of their worst products is the dishonest paper version of the dollar.

Historically speaking, the real dollar is a certain weight in silver, convertible to a certain weight in gold. But the Federal Reserve note “dollar” is ONLY backed by the U.S. government's full “faith and credit.” It’s a debt instrument which, in effect, is everyone else's liability.

Through sleight of hand, 20th century central bankers first passed their “dollar” notes into circulation… and then pulled the sound money out. The final act was President Richard Nixon’s “temporary suspension” of gold convertibility in 1971.

To keep today’s debt-based currency scheme alive and running, many dishonest acts have followed.

This is why we use terms like “honest money.” It’s precisely because unbacked currencies, by design, are fraudulent.

There are so many distortions (errrr lies)

Two weeks to flatten the curve. We will do whatever it takes to liberate Ukraine. Inflation is only 8%

Here are 3 latest scams in the last 3 years.

1. The Green Energy Scam

2. The Covid War

3. The corrupt proxy war between the US and Russia

We believe at least two of these scams were conjured up by globalists, their agendas, and their disciples.

Yes, we are alluding to pseudo-elitists like the WEF. These groups of "intellectuals" have popped up throughout history under various names like the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome but now we are dealing with the WEF. Previously we've hammered on the theme of virus lockdowns or future climate lockdowns as intended acts of "State Control." The World Economic Forum and their powerful budget has decided that they know what is best for us stupid villagers.

Moreover, We've reported earlier how central banks and governments collude to invent disasters resulting in more government spending and government control. It reminds me of this old mob scheme. It goes like this. "Hey do you want to buy window insurance?" Then when the merchant refuses to pay $100 per window per week in extortion what happens? He returns to his store and all of his windows are smashed. So he has no choice but to buy the "window insurance."

Nearly $2 trillion was spent worldwide from 2011 to 2018 on wind and solar energy. And in the end, this covered only 3% of the world's energy needs. And despite this insane investment, wind and solar are not even the leading source of carbon-free energy. Nuclear energy as a carbon-free energy source is more significant than wind and solar combined.

The Covid war started as a biological experiment in a lab in Wuhan China. The National Institutes of Health justified allowing EcoHealth Alliance to create boosted lab-made viruses with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This egregious gain of function research shut down the world for over a year.

So now we have discussed the out and out lies. Very egregious. They are monstrous in nature but there are also things no one reports on. So these media blackouts are also of great interest.

A look on things missing from your news.

1/ No reporting over the Orwellian-named "Inflation Reduction Act" and the 87,000 more IRS agents.

Who are they going to audit? The graphic below is from their own data.

2/U.S. Government declares Emergency Powers when there is no emergency.

3/ Politicians and Non-Government Organizations going after ranchers that raise cattle and trying to seize farmlands. One central theme of COP27 is an attack on meat. Weird, isn't it?

4/ No reporting over the shocking uptick in food plants being destroyed.

5/ Still no coverage of all the sudden deaths caused by Covid vaccines.

6/ Still no media coverage of the Pfizer executive admitting that the company did not test whether its Covid-19 vaccine stopped transmission of the virus.

7/ Still no coverage of the sanctions against Russia linked to problems sourcing aluminum, nickel, coal, gas, palladium, wheat, et al (many commodities)

8/ No reporting on the fact that US has been at war 57 times since World War II. These are all undeclared wars. 9/ No reporting that the war in Afghanistan was over 2.3 trillion dollars, or 5 times the cost of Vietnam.

What other events are mysteriously missing from the news?

Recently we saw where Governor Abbot and DeSantis sent some immigrants to sanctuary cities such as Martha's Vineyard. This was in the news for two days. Missing from the news was that bussing immigrants to sanctuary cities had been going on for years. City officials in El Paso have been doing the same for many years to destinations like Chicago. Why was there reporting when Abbot or DeSantis was involved but not when El Paso was involved?

El Paso city council and mayors are usually democrats. So it seemed like the story was "better news" when it involved pernicious politicians being GOP versus Democrats.

What else is going on at the border? Or better yet, what other news is missing surrounding immigration policy.

Doug Casey and Matthew Smith host a weekly podcast aired on YouTube titled, "Doug Casey's Take." This is the best show on the internet because the show views current events via a historical lens. In addition, there are valuable tips for investing and strategies for living outside of "State Control."

Casey and Smith share a philosophy that once "The State" gets involved ... bad things happen (let's just keep it that simple for now)

Both Casey and Smith live outside the U.S., which is part of their overarching strategy to diversify themselves politically and financially.

In episode #217 Casey and Smith describe something missing from news coverage.

There is a good bit of attention about the border wall. There is some news about immigration reform. There is some awareness on jobs Americans won't do in construction and housekeeping.

But there has been no reporting on what happens after a migrant is detained. There has been no reporting following the journey of the undocumented.

Casey and Smith want to shed light on this mystery and media blackout. They want to hire an investigative reporter with these skills:

-Should speak fluent Spanish.

-Should probably be Mexican or Mexican-American to fit in best.

-Should be from border region and keenly aware of border issues, risks associated with illegal crossing and the black market forces involved.

-Should be a good writer and communicator.

-Should be in good physical shape with good judgment.

-Should be able to think fast in precarious settings.

The job is to follow the journey of the person who has migrated from Latin America to the USA.

First, they need to build a relationship with a person on both sides of the border. Once before crossing, then after the person is released. They then need to see what happens next. Where do migrants end up living? Are they given phones like we hear? Do they get on a bus to Chicago like it has been reported? Do they meet with a recruiter to work for a roofing company?

This would be old school investigative reporting. Just like when Seymour Hersh uncovered that the Obama administration was lying about the events surrounding the death of Osama bin Laden.

or other investigative reports where embedded journalists revealed scandals in Vietnam, U.S. looting gold in Iraq, U.S. slaughtering innocent farmers in Central America, U.S. selling drugs in L.A. to fund rebels in Nicaragua, etc.

For more information on this bizarre opportunity, listen here.

We cued up the broadcast during the appropriate time. Listen to this segment a few times. It's very intriguing and a great opportunity for the right person.

If you know someone that meets this skill set let Matthew and Doug know you are interested.

Matthew Smith and Doug Casey