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YouTube AllStars. Their Credibility and Reputation Damaged For Jumping on Bitcoin Bandwagon.

June 16, 2022 It has never added up. Around the beginning of 2022 the crypto market cap topped $3 Trillion dollars (Now at 450 Billion,) yet why only a small handful of "experts" on social media and YouTube? I believe the small pool of "influencers" stems from how complicated the bitcoin scheme is. This is such an elaborate scam that the ambassadors had to spend hours in their evil war room to rehearse their pitch. If it were simple like "get your clothes clean" or "keep your food fresh" then an ordinary Amway or Tupperware party would do, but this needed some of the best pitchmen the world has ever seen. The good news is that the web has archived their cons...It's called YouTube.

The Bitcoin pitch is intentionally confusing. The more convoluted a scheme the harder it is to prove bad faith and the crime may never be solved.

Forensic accountants would just give up trying to discover guilty people or companies.

These are skilled con men that have to articulate their techno confusion dropping glossary terms like hash rates, mempool, hyperbitcoinization & the decentralized autonomous organization.

A badge of honor, being blocked by @saylor

Bitcoin con artists The biggest names are Alex Mashinsky, Robert Breedlove, Raoul Pal, Anthony Scaramucci, Max Keiser, Natalie Brunell and never forget this chilling moment whereby Michael Saylor encouraged people to sell their homes and possessions or borrow money and buy Bitcoin.

These people made money by attracting newcomers to a cyrypto ponzi scheme so they don't care about their reputation. They just want to attract a slew of new fools.

The purpose of this article is to highlight three main themes:

1.) Bitcoin promoters are relentless in their "shameless promotions" and so many people lost millions of dollars. Pension funds bought in. We will wait for how slow this news unfurls.

2.) But there are individuals that appear on precious metal podcasts while they also promoted Bitcoin. This never sat well. I had this thought. Bitcoin is a ponzi con so why are they promoting it? Now it's hard to trust this individual's opinion? Are they also wrong about gold & silver? This speaks poorly to their reputation right?

3.) Lastly, there is a short list of superb gold and silver experts who never once said BUY BITCOIN.

I am not saying the people below are villains. For example, Gerald Celente has been consistent that wars are destroying everyone except the people who sell weapons. These "experts" are very intelligent. I just believe it is confusing and misleading when you promote financial instruments that have never been through one recession. These people should have known better. Period. Reputation at Risk because the "experts" below promoted Bitcoin along with precious metals. This writer's thesis is you can't be for both Precious Metals and Crypto. It's like having an affair. You can't date other people!

individuals like:

Lawrence Lepard "Bitcoin is another tool in the arsenal of sound money"

Willem Middlekoop "Bitcoin is the best money ever created. Period."

Joseph Brown

Bix Weir

JeanClaude BeyondMystic003 Clif High

Gerald Celente

The worst media Stansberry and Kitco. Hundreds of broadcasts promoting nonsense.

After I poll some people on reddit and twitter the list above will expand.


My heroes that have stayed true to gold & silver only. They didn't lose faith or focus. They never promoted crypto.
  1. Alasdair Macleod

  2. James Turk

  3. Rafi Farber

  4. Lynette Zang

  5. David Morgan

  6. Peter Schiff (Triumphant debates against Bitcoin Maximalists. He never backs down.)

  7. Jim Rickards

  8. Eric Yeung (Best Twitter feed, stays tough in favoring gold/silver over shitcoin)

  9. Steven St. Angelo

  10. This list will expand as I do more research


At the 37 minute mark The Pickaxe warns people about crypto disasters.