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Say Hello to HELO ...The Doctor hangs out on your wrist!


Judy Skilling is a Registered Nurse of 6 years (17 years cumulative medical experience), faithful wife of 6 years, online marketing blogger, and mother to one energetic child. Judy is a U.S. Navy veteran where she dedicated 7 years to serve our country. Eager to build on different skills, Judy has branched into the online world as a social media/online marketer, teaching people ways to brand themselves and establish authority online. Judy works and lives in Denver, Colorado.

Wearable Technology Saves Lives. HELO - Health Lifestyle and Oracle


BOC - In general without addressing your product what is wearable technology?

So I’m sure you’ve heard of a Fitbit or something that’s called an iWatch, right? It’s basically some sort of technology that you wear to improve the quality of your life. Technology is constantly improving in ways to make the average person’s life a bit more convenient and connected. Actually, according to Forbes magazine, wearable technology is projected to be a $34 billion-dollar industry by the year 2020. I mean that’s. Mind blowing, isn’t it?

BOC - What does the HELO monitor and how is this useful in our daily lives?

HELO monitors your Bio Parameters 24/7. Everything that is pertinent to our well-being, such as your blood pressure, respiration rate and your heart rate. It features a sleep tracker, displays your mood and energy as well as a pedometer with a measured distance. You can also do an EKG on the device. These essential components are helpful in our lives because as we become more aware of our wellness, it provides an internal glimpse of what’s going on in our bodies. Highly anticipated and based on market trends, in the fall of 2017, HELO will also be the first non-invasive blood glucose monitoring available. Which means no pricking fingers for people struggling to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

BOC - Talk about GPS and safety programs built into the HELO

So, let’s say you’re out walking your dog and on your walk, you notice something a bit sketchy. Who’s ever been in that situation and you think to yourself “Oh, am I gonna have to tap into my inner karate-kid or something?” It’s a bit scary and it happens all the time. Well, on the HELO device, there is a feature of a panic button. What this button does is send an SOS message to your loved ones notifying them that you activated the panic button. It also informs them of your last known GPS location. It won’t give you karate kid skills but you can at least let your loved ones know you’re in trouble and need assistance.

BOC - How important is getting good sleep?

Without going too in-depth on the importance of obtaining quality sleep, we all know that the standard “8 hours of sleep” just can’t be attained in the average person. We are all busy: kids, work, errands, and more “to-do”s that keep our list long. The HELO can help monitor the amount of sleep you get and provide data of deep sleep vs light sleep. You will know the next day how long you slept and how much time in each sleep phase your body rested.

BOC - With the constant changes in healthcare, how can this device help people?

I’d like to consider this device, “a doctor on your wrist”. It provides the essential information for you if you aren’t feeling too good. Let’s say for example if you’re feeling “off”, you can quickly check your stats and it notifies you if your measurements are not in the correct range. We are all looking for ways to be more proactive in our well-being, so having an advanced wellness device can be one way of taking initiative in your own welfare.

BOC - Who would benefit from something like this?

This device can be useful for anyone who wants to monitor their wellness and stats. Those that may have elderly parents so that you can monitor and keep a “virtual” eye on them. Those that may have children or older kids and of course, those that LOVE technology and anything new and cool. Also, this device is beneficial to someone who likes to stay ahead of current market trends, those that are the "first to feature" anything new.

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** Disclaimer: The opinions and views expressed are those of my own and do not reflect professional medical advice. HELO is not a medical device but simply a new wearable device that was designed and engineered to improve your life. HELO does not replace professional medical care. Helo is not intended to cure or treat any disease. Seek medical care or consult with your medical provider for any health concerns or symptoms. **

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