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30 Trillion Debt Clock. FED Backpedals. Central Bank Digital Currency & CyberWar Simulations.

On Tuesday February 1 the USA debt reached $30 Trillion. Currency and credit derivatives now exceed $612 Trillion. Unfunded Liabilities such as social security and medicare are over $164 Trillion. This represents a liability per citizen at over $464,000.

Clearly, The Fed should have stopped purchasing assets and given a clearer signal on rate hikes.

The Fed is not in control of the inflation narrative. The Fed is not in control of the rate narrative.

The Fed has lost all credibility and most experts believe they will start another round of QE in 2022 to answer the market's "hissy fit."

A drastic fabricated event may take place. Let me know if you believe if this is rational or a reach.

What do you do when monetary policy has failed? Kick over the table, destroy the evidence and seize the ultimate power grab, 100% control of all money. The so called "Cyberattack Simulation"

Israel led a 10-country, 10-day-long simulation of a major cyberattack on the world’s financial system by “sophisticated” players, with the goal of minimizing the damage to banks and financial markets, the Finance Ministry said on Thursday.

The Pickaxe editorial board believes that the simulation maybe the precursor for the implosion of paper money as we know it. The so called simulation planners report, "The banking system will be hacked so we must come to the rescue with a central bank digital currency."

We've seen "simulation" maneuvers provide cover in the past. Prior to 9-11 there were simulated planes hitting buildings. Prior to Covid there were simulated gain of function models. Once again we have governmental and non governmental agencies scheming in simulations so the responsible parties can appear to be proactive instead of the perpetrators.

Let's see if the chickens have been killed by "fox like" simulated attacks on "chicken coops."

The rehearsed soundbite may go, "We we're doing all we can to plan a defense against the terrorist cyberattack."

The Fed has lost all credibility and everyone knows it. They are out of tools so there only card to play is to "kick over the table" and call "Do over." The reset in mind is the Central Bank Digital Currency. You just can't make this shit up.

On January 20 The Fed released a white paper on the Central Bank Digital Currency SOURCE - Here is the pdf version Simulation story by Reuters. SOURCE -

This fuckery is beyond comprehension. I believe it is illegal to organize a run on the bank but it certainly is 100% legal to write a fictional play about the day people withdrew their bank money and invested into tangibles. Tangibles are silver, gold, farmland, scrap metal, canned goods, a warehouse full of wine; whatever you think will be needed for the disturbing new era.