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RELAX. RECHARGE. REJUVENATE. The Colorado Athletic Club, Doctor's Orders!

Story by Jon Forrest Little My doctor has everything. A kick ass medical degree, perfect skin , a beautiful wife, kids, car & home ( certainly not listed in order of importance) Finally I figured out that is smart to listen to smart people. We've visited in the past about reducing cholesterol, blood pressure, eating right, fitness but during my last consultation he emphasized establishing routines that fight stress and improve sleep. I didn't wait for New Years to roll around to re-invent myself. I wanted to make some favorable lifestyle adjustments immediately. This article is about some awesome tips and luckily I discovered all the cures in one place, The Colorado Athletic Club. 5 TIPS TO REDUCE STRESS, IMPROVE SLEEP AND JUMPSTART YOUR SPIRITS 1. Make a point to exercise 15 minutes almost every day. Odds are you will spend more time than 15 minutes but starting with an attainable threshold that is doable yields a feeling of accomplishment. Set the bar low, it's good for your self concept to achieve your goal and stay on task. The Colorado Athletic Club has these killer fitness classes and offers packages of 5 classes for $99. In some respects I like this better than personal fitness training because there is some added social stimulation and camaraderie to make the time fulfilling and fun. But if you want personal fitness training (high recommend) they offer 2 complimentary personal fitness sessions then the subsequent sessions are very affordable. 2. Learn a new sport. One of the best ways to adhere to an active lifestyle & regular fitness is to have easy access to a variety of activities. CAC has yoga, swimming, tennis, basketball, High Intensity Training, weight lifting, racquetball and more. Fitness experts speak of the importance of tricking the muscles or implementing interval training methods, but having a variety of games to play is great way to stay entertained and engaged. 3. Sweat out the toxins. There are days where I rest the body and just go to the club to unwind in a spa setting. I hit the sauna for 25 minutes until I'm dripping in sweat, then cool off in the shower and return to the sauna for a second session of 15 minutes. The first session helps cleanse the skin and unclog pores and the second session helps purify the blood stream. This may sound a bit mystical but read up on the ancient practices of sweat lodges, aka Temazcals. SWEAT IT OUT . This is very therapeutic for both the mind and body. They also have a steam room and spacious whirlpool experience. I met an architect at CAC that meditates in the sauna. He uses guided imagery as a way to mentally prepare for the business day. I have adopted this practice which has been glorious and life changing. 4. Meet new friends. I can't emphasize this point enough. Since joining the club less than a year ago I've met some superior people. People seem to bond in a fitness setting. Some call this recreation therapy, I call it hanging out with people that share your interests. I am ashamed to admit that I've scored some business deals via the Colorado Athletic Club locker room, oh well, there are a lot of problems in the world and this isn't one of them. 5. Take a break from your kids. The Colorado Athletic Club is very family friendly. I see the little rascals everywhere which keeps everyone smiling. CAC is a community oriented club w/ junior swimming, tennis, summer camps galore but the rec scheduling keeps child distractions to a minimum for the serious athlete. In most occasions the children are involved in separate programming yet there are family mixers like pool parties. It's important for parents to to have some much deserved respite from kids. The CAC has a child care center that is FREE while you work out. They also have programs like Parents Night Out where your kids are supervised while you have that romantic time with your significant other. The Colorado Athletic Club offers 3 Day FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIPS. (This is what sparked my interest and I ended up joining)

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Best of Colorado rating (((5 stars))) for customer satisfaction, cleanliness, range of activities, pro staffing, gym equipment, fitness classes. ... and they have great beer prices too!

Colorado Athletic Club Monaco Locale: lounge area w/ juice bar & healthy snacks. Active Social Scene & Happy Hour specials. Lots of groovy mingling. RETRO Vibe