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Restorative Botanicals receives CDPHE licensing!!

Restorative Botanicals is proud to be awarded one of the very first official state licenses anywhere specifically for the manufacture of food supplements containing extracted hemp oil. Hemp is a valuable and sustainable source of many dietary essentials including Omega 3, 6 and 9. Containing the 10 Essential Amino Acids, Hemp is a complete plant based protein. Hemp Seeds are made up of roughly 30% protein, making them a perfect dietary supplement for those looking to add plant based protein to their diets.Hemp Seeds are a great source of Iron, Zinc, Phosphorus and a single serve contains up to 48% of the recommended daily intake of magnesium.

The clinical benefits from hemp oil is astounding. It reduces inflammation. Inflammation is the root of hundreds of health issues. Moreover hemp oil has been shown to favorably treat irritable bowel syndrome, treat seizures, manage arthritis, treat pain, eczema, improve digestion, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, improve cardio vascular is the miracle plant and we all know that the uphill battle with regulators stems from pharmaceutical corps and their corrupt stranglehold on food and drug policy. But the grass roots movement is toppling this greedy and immoral ploy so rejoice... now the people of the earth can be healed from the plants of our earth.


Feel better, think clearly, play harder, longer. Naturally with Organically grown certified Colorado Hemp products. Contact Pamela at 720-684-6100 with questions and for exceptional new retail pricing. E - W -

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