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Carl Petersen.Under the Radar & Over the Top. Indie Legend @ 6pm Tonight @ The Brew on Broadway.

Tonight Carl Aage Petersen is playing at 6pm @ The Brew on Broadway.


Carl Petersen started playing clubs in 1980 and has played over 2000 shows & written over 300 songs. He is the Robert Pollard of the Southwest. Over the years has earned praise from James Mercer of the Shins & Brett Sparks of Handsome Family although due to some politics and recent by association issues some people may not readily vouch for Carl as he has had some trouble off the stage

The Early Years - In the 1980s Carl Petersen was one of the most elite bass players in the jazz circles w/ a style of musicianship unmatched. He has a ridiculous sense of rhythm and played chords no one else could play. He decided after years of holding down the lower half that he wanted to switch over to guitar so he could have more artistic license and began writing songs.

Around 1989 he released a cassette demo that had about 25 songs. This demo became the beginning of the Antfarmers which was a popular college rock act that charted on CMJ stations , played with legends such as Yo La Tengo, Cracker, Pylon, Meat Puppets, Soul Asylum and numerous other poweracts along with showcases at S x SW.

Lately - Carl is now playing solo just to reduce confusion and to keep things simple. He has tunes available on bandcamp and reverb. He was featured in the Denver Post for a song titled "Myna Bird" shot in New Delhi India.

Carl is going to play an acoustic guitar plugged into a small house system. Petersen has a new tuning for his guitar and he will be happy to explain that this new tuning has been used by The Stones and Jimmy Page to name a few. He can prove it to anyone w/ a simple demonstration and furthermore asserts that musicians and bands refuse to admit they use the tuning. It appears that the tuning in question may somehow lead to delegitimizing or disqualifying previously lauded artistic achievements in the opinions of clueless critics. I recommend you attend the show and ask him about this shocking piece of rock investigative controversy


Sample a Petersen Tune

Go to the show tonight : 6pm - The Brew on Broadway, 3445 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113

Carl Petersen, hero to some huge names. Modest and BadASS