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INTRODUCTION Robert and Sheri Niemeyer are from Boulder Colorado but also spend their time in Napa Valley w/ renowned winemaker Lars Bjorkman. The Niemeyers and Mr. Bjorkman have created a Pinot Noir & Chardonnay under an exceptional label named Sundae Wines. Robert runs a variety of established & start up companies & Sheri is a former pro athlete and accomplished artist. They both set and achieve lofty goals revolving around excellence. We sat down, tipped back some kickass wine and visited.

THE DIALOGUE BOC: You are from Boulder Colorado but have extensive wine expertise, explain please?

I have been a long time wine consumer and collector. I have had the opportunity to try some of the world's best wines, and have spent decades acquiring my knowledge of wine. It's a passion of mine. I enjoy traveling to different wine regions, meeting vineyard owners, and enjoying some of the most highly rated and sought after wines the world has to offer.

BOC: What were the main objectives you had in mind when starting a wine business ? besides having access to your own product...

We wanted to bring a great wine to the market that people can enjoy and afford. I had a vision to mix my passion with my business knowledge, and I made it a reality. For me, I couldn't imagine a more enjoyable and fulfilling business.

BOC: Besides the taste of each wine what other factors are involved in the enjoyment of wine that you thought were relevant to your Sundae Brand?

Sundae is meant to be approachable and offer a pleasurable wine experience that is superior to it's competition. We want to convey a playful and fun image that doesn't intimidate the consumer. Sundae is meant to be a memorable wine, and become a "go to" for wine lovers of all levels.

BOC: How did you come up with name Sundae?

We thought about it for about a year. Our goal was to brand a wine that is easily remembered, has a name that relates to indulgent pleasures, that is connected with simplicity and happy gatherings with friends and family.

BOC: Do you have plans to make any other wine soon? Yes. We plan to bring additional varieties and brands to the Sundae family.

BOC: What are the biggest challenges to being a family owned business? It has been a tremendous advantage for us. We have so much of the necessary talent in our immediate family to make this business successful. Some of the family members may say we talk about wine and ideas for Sundae too much.

BOC: Explain the roles of family members involved in your wine enterprise ? Our oldest daughter is our word smith who turns our words into poetry for our website and labels. Another one of our daughters has a design degree. She designed our label, does all the photos for our website, and social media pages. My wife manages the social media accounts and pushes out our posts, and helps drive the creative process. As a family, we are always brainstorming on new and fresh ideas for presenting our brand. I have a knack for coming up with puns. We have a tremendous amount of fun during our photo shoots and collaborative meetings.

Sheri "Chardonnay" & Robert "Noir" Niemeyer - Sundae Wines


Buy it - Here Ask for it - @ your favorite wine bar & restaurant. Rate it - 93 Pinot Noir 91 Chardonnay