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If you ask people married where they met the top 2 answers are online and at work. Here is a summary or metaphor for dating and sales.

BE FUN. Be fun don't be a boregasm. Try to spark their interest. Think of topics that may seem unorthodox but not too bizarre. You want them to remember you.

DON'T TALK ABOUT YOURSELF. This is related to the point above (BE FUN) Sales is like dating in that no one likes a bragger or a narcissist. We all have to resist pointing out how great we are by listening first, disabling egos and taking a genuine interest in others which are all the key to popularity. I'm reminded by the kindergarten teacher who told us all that we were given two ears and one mouth for a reason.

LEAVE SOMETHING BEHIND. I remember watching a killer episode of "The Partridge family" and Keith Partridge played by the dreamy David Cassidy went on a date and intentionally left his watch behind in a girl's car just so he would have an excuse to see her again. Sales is like dating, don't leave all your good material on the first date. People want to see that you have depth in character and a range of interests. Don't be a one trick pony, leave some of your best traits for the next date and let the excitement build.

AVOID TALKING ABOUT SEX. Everyone knows that in our modern world most sexual encounters start with dating. But no one is interested in you taking any shortcuts. Again, Sales is like Dating. You don't just go for the big close, you need to dance together, decorate apartments together & be willing to watch some romantic comedies. This isn't about your needs. It is about the greatest good for you both. There is also some truth to the CEO mindset, don't talk about it, just do it.

AVOID TALKING ABOUT MARRIAGE. The biggest turn off besides some that I have already listed is someone who seems so desperate to discuss permanency too early. Why do you think so many companies have killed it w/ their NO CONTRACT offers. Even if you have convinced yourself that you have identified your soulmate don't spook her with this declaration. Again, leave some mystery in the room. Without seeming too obvious it is recommended to appear confident in your ability to thrive without this date or this sale. Act like you've been there before!

REJECTION IS GOOD. Once I figured out in sales that it took 7 "NOS" before I got a "YES" then rejection was no longer an obstacle. This is just a minor paradigm shift. Now I look forward to the NOS because it's only a matter of reaching the average 7 NOS before my reward. Don't just sit by the phone hoping your person in waiting is going to come running to you. We used to joke around at college parties, "I bet if I asked every girl here if they wanted to go to bed one would say yes" Same is true with sales. In sales there is a saying "a whale lives on plankton because it swims all day with its mouth open" Sales is like dating, it's a game of numbers, leads, opportunities and closing. Be proactive and cast a wide net. Date around (but don't be a slut!)

WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS. I'm sure you have noticed this dynamic. You may go through a slump or a spell when it seems like nothing is going your way in sales or in romance. Then all of a sudden numerous opportunities appear out of obscurity. It has been written that people avoid the depressed spirit. Do all you can to seize the momentum before the tide turns back in the wrong direction.

BE ENERGETIC & ENTHUSIASTIC. We love spirit yes we do! In sales and dating no matter how you are feeling inside you need to be positive, enthusiastic and have the required energy level to make your guest feel better than they did prior to your visit. People are beaten down by our daily commutes, schedules, obligations so you must be the conduit of energy they are seeking. Be like a vitamin B12 shot but not a snort of cocaine. One is healthy , the other is not!

FLIRT. It's important to send the right signals. Dating is like sales. You need to let people know you are interested in getting to know them better.

GET THERE FIRST. One of the all time best quotes was from the legendary Mark Twain who said, "Find out where everyone is going and get there first !" Same with dating. Same with sales. This takes some research but your odds of finding everlasting love will improve enormously if you are not surrounded by the cluckers competing for the same catch. LOOK GOOD. This is common sense. Do your best to dress the part. Feel free to wash up, as they said in the 1800s "Get Gussied Up"-shave, smell nice, toner, serum, moisturizer, repeat. I don't think this is an area where I need to be too specific. In short, dress for success(I do like the concept of a modern hashtag for an ancient cliche #GetGussiedUp or teen texting code GGU)


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