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Recently Big tech and their client central banks and governments have censored your voice. This playbook of silencing the masses have existed since Roman times.

Strike back!

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The Pickaxe

The PickAxe Sells for Modest amount of Mexican Libertads. New Owner installs Decentralized Media

Former publisher Jon Little and new Pickaxe owner Xio D Harmon are announcing that The Pickaxe is under new ownership and management.


According to Mr. Harmon, the new owner, the change occurred Friday, January 20, shortly after Jon Little published an article titled "Gold drops like a Rock When People Trust the System. Gold Shoots like a Rocket when People Don't"


Jon Little stated, "I felt like I had to give up control and ownership of The Pickaxe because I didn't want any future conflicts of interest pending."

Little continued, "I'm super enthused and energized about my role as the market strategist for The Morgan Report. I'm also psyched to be hosting Arcadia Economic's Wednesday show."

Little exclaimed, "Joining a show with smart chaps like Chris Marcus, Rafi Farber, Dave Kranzler, and Vince Lanci is such an honor and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity"

The Pickaxe's new owner Mr. Harmon released a statement, "Jon was vigilant in guarding against any real or perceived conflict of interest between The Pickaxe and his role with Arcadia Economics and that was the driving force behind this change of ownership."
The PickAxe launches a Decentralized Media App called "Strike Back."
To promote Free Speech and fight censorship, The Pickaxe has launched a new self-publishing tool. You, the public, are in charge of submitting content that fights our mainstream media's narrative and their unrelenting propaganda sourced by Central Banks and their client governments.
Harmon stated, "We invite you to strike back. Creator-centric Media are encouraging the multiplication of the world's best ideas...If you want to contribute articles to The Pickaxe, please use the app (button below,) and you go live within hours."

Strike Back Self Publishing App


Harmon concluded, "The Pickaxe, Decentralized media at its finest."


About the new owner of The Pickaxe:


Xio D Harmon lives half the year in Upper St Clair, PA but has his established legal and corporate identity in Guangzhou China. Xio grew up in China and then moved to Mexico. He was called Chino as a boy in Mexico as a nickname and his Mexican friends still call him Chino, not Xio.


Mr. Xio D Harmon is the son of a mining engineer. His mother was Chinese and his father was raised in Mexico in the silver mining industry. 


XD Harmon was also one of the original investors in SxSW exhibits, promoting some of the largest brands for the Association of Alternative Newspapers. In addition, Mr. Harmon and Mr. Little worked together on numerous PR campaigns that ran in The Seattle Stranger, Boston Phoenix, Chicago New City, Austin Chronicle, Weekly Alibi, The Onion Newspaper, San Diego Reader, and other regional independent media.

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