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War resets the way natural resources are distributed. New trade patterns emerge. European and US dominance significantly diminished.

US Dollar loses power in India, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Israel, Africa, Mexico, South America, Iran, Arab World & S. Asia.

Gold and commodity backed Ruble gains momentum by challenging the US Reserve 50-year reign. This is the emergence of a commodity backed multi-lateral monetary system. US reserve currency undermind on global stage because sanctions weaponized the dollar (unintended consequence and indicator of self inflicted wound)
Roman emperor Septimius Severus (AD 193–AD 211) said this on his deathbed to his son, "Make the soldiers rich, and pay no attention to everyone else."

Roman Government  debased silver and gold coins with copper and other cheaper metals to expand the money supply and thus their own spending power as follows:
• Nero (AD 54–AD 68) debased the Roman denarius to about 90 percent silver.
• Trajan (AD 98–AD 117) debased the Roman denarius to about 85 percent silver.
• Marcus Aurelius (AD 161–AD 180) debased the Roman denarius to about 75 percent silver.
• Commodus (AD 177–AD 192) debased the Roman denarius to about 70 percent silver.
• Septimius Severus (AD 193–AD 211) debased the Roman denarius to about 50 percent silver.
• By the time that Diocletian (AD 284–AD 305) stepped down, Roman coins were basically silver plated.
• With the added currency, the government could pay for more soldiers and pay existing soldiers more.
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Precious Metals Warfare Theory
Divided into 4 chapters
1.)  First coins of Lydia used to pay soldiers not replace barter. This monetized silver. Empires needed soldiers because war is the chief engine for economic development.
2.)  Wars costly. Financing the unending wars bankrupt the citizens via military spending, inflation / debasement. Then the local currency collapses (fueled by governments and bankers and their scheme to vault the silver & gold. In lieu of physical metals they issue and trade paper notes and war bonds. This paper scheme began in the twelfth century Venice (see below.) The paper value & bank notes diminishing in value year over year eventually landing at no value. The majority of wealth is transferred to the elites.
3.)  After wars maps change, resources are traded through new ways. Financial instruments like fiat currency, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts are forever damaged.
4.)  Gold steps up as economies are reset. Proven formula is to divide total debt by global inventory of gold. Research article in our news section showing Fundamental Value of gold is north of $40,000 / OZ using a conservative and history tested formula.



Throughout the past 3000 years the largest expense faced by the majority of nations has been financing war.  Precious Metal Warfare theory advances that silver / gold coins were created to pay for war and not created to replace barter as taught in every economic text book.


Wars supporting Precious Metals Warfare Theory


 Pelopennesian War (Athens vs. Sparta) The most efficent strategy was to pay soldiers silver coins and demand everyone else to pay taxes in the forms of those coins. This led to markets. War also created slaves who were often needed to work in the mines to produce even more coinage.


Alexander (King of Macedonia, Western Asia, India, North Eastern Africa) Alexander's army num­bered around 110,000 soldiers. They required a half a ton of silver a day just for wages.


Conquest meant that the existing Persian system of mines and mints had to be reorganized around providing for the army. Ancient mines were worked by slaves. Most slaves in mines were war captives. Example, most of the unfortunate survivors of the siege of Tyre ended up working in gold & silver mines. Alexander had borrowed money to finance the enormous war budget for the 100,000 soldier payroll plus weapons, shields, helmets, body armor, swords, etc.  Merchants followed the trail of war. Soldiers bought their wine, women, food, wares from merchants. Citizens made the goods. Citizens were taxed to pay for armies and public works (trade centers, bureaucratic buildings, military walls) 

-More territories conquered meant more resources like precious metals, spices, lumber, textiles and slave labor to work mines

-More coinage

-More trade



Rome (expanded as far north as England,) 

China (We see the same pattern play out between 400-200 BC, the warring states period.)


India In the Magadha region records indicate the defending army incuded a force of 2oo,ooo infantry, 2o,ooo horses, and about 4,000 elephants-and that Alexander's men mutinied rather than have to face them. The market economy stemmed from war.


This model was taken over by the government. The military logic extended to the entire economy. This led to the government installing granaries, artisan shops, shopping markets, warehouses, jails. These were staffed by salaried "bureaucrats." All trades in the market taxable to collect the pieces of silver returning back into the royal treasuries.


In addition to the war economy leading to full employment (shop keepers, raw material extraction, crafting finished goods, food markets, the state also set up organizations to sell to the soldiers they were paying. Soldiers and those who service them only accepted bullion.

Cortes and the Aztecs (Source, Center for History and New Media, George Mason Univ



Pizarro and the Incas

Russia and Sudan's Gold.

Russia gets infusion of 30 Tonnes per year for past 7 + years while Sudan gets a nefarious military leader who has less than a 6th grade education.

















Sudan's new leader "owns" the gold mines


Early Banking, Loaning Money to King, Financing War, Inflating Paper, Manipulating Schemes.

Bankers effectively controlled Medieval governments. The history of modern financial instruments begin with the issuing of municipal bonds. This practice started in twelfth century Venice who needed a quick influx of income for military purposes. She levied a compulsory loan on taxpaying citizens. It promised each of them five percent annual interest and allowed the "bonds" or contracts to become negotiable, thus, creating a market in government debt. Part of this process were complex credit schemes whereby the value of the bullion was loaned to the emperor to fund military operations, in exchange for papers entitling the bearer to interest-bearing annuities from the government-papers that could in turn be traded as if they were money.


Bankers in Spain. Paper manipulation for financing war & Inflation


Bankers could almost endlessly multiply the actual value of gold and silver they held. Already in the 1570s Seville Spain had become "factories of certificates," with transactions carried out exclusively through paper. Whether the Spanish government would actually pay their debts became uncertain. The paper bills would circulate at a discount-especially as these paper notes began circulating throughout the rest of Europe-causing continual inflation.


When bankers controlled the governments (and thus the armies), they could be much more creative in manipulating the finances.

The First Stock Market, this old playbook is hauntingly similar to trends in modern times.

The first stock markets were in England and Holland. Their basis were based in trading shares of the East and West India companies which were both military and trading ventures. These trading ventures controlled India.  The national debts of England, France, and the others were based in money borrowed not to dig canals and construct roads, buildings and bridges, but to acquire the soldiers and ammunition needed to bombard cities and to construct the camps required for the holding of prisoners and the training of recruits.


Almost all the bubbles of the eighteenth century involved some fantastic scheme to use the proceeds of colonial ventures to pay for European wars. Paper money was debt money, and debt money was war money, and this has always remained the case.


Those who financed Europe's endless military conflicts also employed the government's police and prisons to extract ever-increasing productivity from the rest of the population.

USA has attempted to overthrow foreign governments in 57 immoral and illegal war maneuvers since World War II.

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pizarro and gang steal 24 tons gold.png
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Cost $2.3 Trillion.
5 X Cost of Vietnam.

Replaced The Taliban with
The Taliban



Ukraine did not sell $12 Billion in Gold.


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Allow me to explain the absurdity of this media distortion.

In 2014, US walks into Ukraine guns on fire and removed Viktor Yanukovych and replaced with US team member Petro Poroshenko. This is the prevailing pattern of US foreign policy and has happened over 57 times since World War 2.

US marches in. They point their guns to the victim’s head. Then they switch out presidents at the same time they steal the gold. We saw this with Iraq. We saw this with Libya. Same thing would have happened in Syria if Russia and China didn’t step in the way.


Ukraine didn’t sell any gold. 

US stole the gold justifying the theft by laughing in the Pentagon War Room with jokes like “It’s Fucking Expensive conquering these shit hole countries”


Think of it as a delayed accounting entry. Or as Ukraine placing a down payment of $24 billion as collateral for an unending US military adventure. 

It’s a great deal for all the munitions companies, and arms dealers. It’s also Christmas every day for US Congress who profit off war stocks after receiving classified intelligence briefings and there is no risk because US taxpayers foot the bill.

Remember, it was US / NATO that expanded NATO east on to Russia’s border after they stipulated that there would be NO EASTWARD EXPANSION OF NATO AFTER THE BERLIN WALL FELL.

“We believe that the eastward expansion of NATO is a mistake and a serious one at that,” Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s first post-Soviet president, told reporters at a 1997 news conference with US President Bill Clinton in Helsinki, where the two signed a statement on arms control. 

 Indeed, documents show a pattern of promises US negotiators made to their Russian counterparts as well as internal policy discussions opposing NATO expansion to Eastern Europe. 

 “In the current environment, it is not in the best interest of NATO or the US that [Eastern European] states be granted full NATO membership and its security guarantees,” according to a State Department memorandum in 1990, while those states were still emerging from Soviet control as the Warsaw Pact disintegrated. “[We] do not, in any case, wish to organize an anti-Soviet coalition whose frontier is the Soviet border. Such a coalition would be perceived very negatively by the Soviets.” 

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Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was murdered because he was about to launch a Pan African currency called the gold dinar. In 2009, Gaddafi as President of the African Union advised African countries to switch to a new currency, independent of the American Dollar, called the GOLD DINAR. 

The objective of this new currency was to divert oil revenues towards state-controlled funds rather than American banks. In other words, to stop using the dollar for oil transactions. As a result, countries such as Nigeria, Tunisia, Egypt, and Angola were ready to change their currencies.

In March 2011, the NATO-led coalition began a genocidal military intervention in Libya in the name of freedom, but it was really about putting an end to this Gold Dinar. The USA had a long history of fighting everyday citizens and governments to extinguish any attempts by citizens to use gold or silver as money.

Moreover, Libya was the only country in the world with zero debt.

US steals gold from irag
$50 Trillion in Gold, Looted from Iraq
No Weapons of Mass Destruction Found

Media investigations. $12 billion in U.S. currency was transported from the Federal Reserve to Baghdad in April 2003 and June 2004, where it was dispensed by the Coalition Provisional Authority. A Vanity Fair magazine report concluded that of this sum, "at least $9 billion has gone missing".

Graphics for Presentations, Twitter, etc

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"Priority on Ukraine Should Be Saving Lives, Not Punishing Russia"    
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