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She notes, 1.) No felony 2.) No injury 3.) Property Damage
I never had a conversation with her except at hospital so her box 957 is not correct. Also her two boxes with code 121 are incorrect. I was knocked out / unconscious. Look at condition of car at bottom of page.



She checked my breath was normal and above doc she made it a point to not check box 812 and she underlined the word drugs. I believe the statute includes prescribed medications. I take gabapentin / cymbalta. The two together are prescribed by urologist for pelvic pain. Pictures of prescriptions below. Urologist treatment methodology also documented below.


The other explanation for crash possibly had fainted from low blood pressure, medications, (see list below)

Never had met a woman named Cara Neri. I guarantee she has no copy of my hand writing on her copy which would be the customary method of exchanging information because I was unconscious. It had to be filled out by the officer after the crash. According to officer Sullivan, my Honda went on to hit another vehicle. She told me this 2nd vehicle was a Jeep. This crash must have deployed air bags and totaled car severely. All of these topics she had said to me at my bedside at the Hospital around 8:15 pm, not at the scene which was around 5:15 pm. Both legal documents site the crash occurring at Yale & Quebec which proves I did not do as she documents with codes 121 (she noted twice ) in first image on this page


I agree my temp plates expired. With Covid19 dealing with Government offices was almost impossible. There was no intent to deceive anyone, this was in my rear window. Plus everyone knows VIN is tied to owner of vehicle otherwise it would be a STOLEN VEHICLE.


I had my license with me in my wallet. More proof that I never had interactions with Officer Sullivan, Since I refused blood test which many DUI websites say is OK why didn't she take away my license?  I never met this woman. She just showed up at the hospital while they were doing procedures like elevating my blood pressure and stitching up my face and ear and scalp, see photo of car below

Medications taken that day:
-Gabapentin for nerve pain
-Cymbalta or Duloxetine also for nerve pain

Gabapentin and Duloxetine prescribed together to 
calm pudendal nerve damage. According to my Urologist Dr. Nel Gerig and NP Kari Reynolds Wedell this two medication combination is best practice for treating nerve damage in lieu or dangerous and addictive opioids.

-Ivermectin for prophylaxis Covid 19, uptick Delta Variant cases,
recommended by


Both Gabapentin and Ivermectin list Dizziness / Drowsiness
but the bottles do not say DO NOT DRIVE


Note the Gray Primer
Both sides of the
2005 Honda Pilot

Minutes before the crash I had spray painted or "primed" my car using Rust-oleum gray primer to cover up some ugly ugly graffiti pictured below. My car had been spray painted like vandalism. I used the gray primer to get car in condition as I was selling the car. We had decided it would be smart to become a one car family since it is expensive to operate, insure, maintain, fuel this old 2005 Pilot, I have all maintenance records showing the small fortune I had spent maintaining the car. These maintenance records are located at the bottom of this webpage
spray paint.jpg
Below are receipts showing 6 cans of spray paint enough to cover the graffiti on both sides of 05 Honda Pilot
Screenshot 2021-09-28 10.44.28 AM.png
Screenshot 2021-09-28 10.44.56 AM.png
This substantiates why I needed to sell, I couldn't just keep feeding the maintenance beast and was good citizen by doing due diligence and vigilant in keeping car safe and functioning well. This also proves that she is wrong about my intent to deceive police with phony plates. Looking through all these maintenance records, dozens of them NOT ONCE DID HONDA STAFF indicate phony plate number.

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