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Meet the publisher - Jon Forrest Little


Jon Forrest Little studied at the University of New Mexico with an emphasis in history, Latin American foreign policy and archaeology. He studied processual archaeology under distinguished anthropologist Lewis Binford. Jon also attended Georgetown University's Institute for Comparative Political and Economic Systems. Jon along with economic anthropologist David Graeber have drawn distinctive inferences about the first minted coins in Lydia. Their studies have covered "The Axial Age's" Delos, the mines of Laurion and Peloppenisan war eras. Graeber would write the book "Debt, the First 5,000 years" and Little formulated Precious Metals Warfare Theory. Precious Metals Warfare Theory becomes a new perspective on state issued coins, soldier salaries, ancient trade routes and the first evidence of silver monetized.


Little's professional career includes working for 21months in the clay mining industry. He worked with companies drawing from shale mines surrounding Mount Cristo Rey in El Paso. These clay deposits were unique because two manufacturing plants from two separate countries (north and south of the US-Mexican border,) shared the clay resources. The same clay deposits were used by Mexican and US brick manufacturers. This experience sharpened Jon's knowledge of international business and labor relations. Jon also worked with dozens of clay mines near Pueblo and El Dorado Colorado.


Jon is a professional journalist covering energy, foreign policy, gold, silver, blockchain technology as the cheif market strategist for The Morgan Report. He also consults with polymer dispersed liquid crystal glass manufacturers. PDLC glass is also called switch glass because the glass switches from opaque to transparent on demand.  The smart glass technology uses silver for eclectro-chromatic conductivity. Moreover, they are powered via copper busbars.  Recently Jon has been working with Chinese pdlc manufacturers and he is involved in importing raw materials and managing supply chain logistics.

Jon's recent academic and writing pursuit is the ongoing study of his Precious Metals Warfare Theory. The thesis is that the world's first silver coins (originating from Lydia, 610 - 560 BC) were not coins established to replace barter but to pay soldiers.

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